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Michael Bianco is known and widely respected as a two handed (tapping) style player. He has tremendous respect for other musicians and credits Stanley Jordan and Jennifer Batten as models for his tapping technique in the beginning. Jennifer Batten calls him "a master of two handed tapping".

Michael is also one of only a handful of fluent simultaneous guitarists. He plays a seven string Ibanez with the left hand, while playing lead on a six string Strat with his right hand. His new custom built Mason guitar allows him to play two seven string fretboards on a single neck. 

Michael Bianco's technique can be appreciated on his CD "Space Minstrel". These original compositions were recorded during live solo performances. Check out all of his guitar CD's

Steven Halpern, the acknowledged Guru of New Age music caught Bianco at several venues recently. There is a rumor that they may collaborate Halpern's next CD. World class stick player Bob Culbertson took in a Bianco performance last year when he was in town.  Bianco credits Culbertson as being the source of his original inspiration to purchase and play the Stick. Another visitor was Steve Lynch (autograph) who was the inspiration behind Jennifer Batten learning to tap. Others who have seen Bianco perform and appreciated his playing include Jazz player Tuck Andress (Tuck and Patti) and virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai

Two Necks are better than one, Articles about Michael Bianco.

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Jennifer Batten and Michael Bianco, backstage after the Jeff Beck concert in Pompano Beach Florida August '99
Jeff Beck The legendary guitarist toured all through 1999 in support of his album, "who else". He toured again with Jennifer Batten to promote the Beck masterpiece "You had it coming". His latest release is "Jeff".

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