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Space Minstrel CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Classics Volume 1 CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Awakening CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Smooth CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Christmas on Stick CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Classics Volume 2 CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Rhythms CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Strings CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Spaces CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Ambient Jungle CD Qty:   $15.00 each (Add S&H)
Total Amount:  

Your card will be billed by the agent "University Karate Center"

The cost of each CD is $15.00 US plus $2.50 each s&h for US delivery.

  International s&h is $5.50 each

Order 3 or more CD's at one time and pay only $5.00 US shipping or $11.00 International shipping.

Mail money orders to American International Karate Institute,

7107 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation, FL 33317 USA

Money Orders should be made payable to "Way of Harmony Inc"


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I started selling these CD's because I like the music, its great to stretch to, get massaged to or just listen to. When I started playing it to my karate students, many of them wanted to buy it, so I always have copies in stock. I'm working on trying to play in this style myself, though it's quite hard. For me music and martial arts go together.

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